Cayman Cookout | January 14-17 2016 | Hosted by Eric Ripert


Ahoy, thar matey and avast ye sails for a chance to win our chest of prizes during Talk Like A Pirate Day. On the 19th day of the month of September in this, the year of 2015, it shall be your bounty to claim. With buccaneer loot including shirts, hats and treasure maps, your hashtag is the X that marks the spot.

Send us a pic, tell us a joke or make us a video about how you talk like a pirate. Then use the hashtags #TalkLikeAPirate and #CaymanPirates to post it on Instagram and Twitter. If you find yourself to not be one of the more social members of our marauding crew, you can also post your seafaring creations right here on our website.

Consider it your initiation to come aboard the Cayman Islands this November for Pirates Week.